Our commitment with our environment has a lot of areas:


Special employment center:

Registered as the 6th Special Employment Center of the Community of Madrid, we have been betting on the socio-labor integration of persons belonging to this group for more than twenty years, counting in our staff with over 65% of employees belonging to this category.

Involved with our workers:

We are committed to the protection of health at work, investing in our employees and new talent by an agreement with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.


In Tele-taxi we care about the accessibility of our services to all groups, and so our facilities are accessible, in addition to the several euro taxi vehicles we have for those who request them.

Concern about road safety:

Because our business, we are especially aware of road safety and actively participate in all actions aimed at reducing the risks behind the wheel.


Currently, 40% of our fleet is powered by alternative energy, a growing percentage.
In addition, we care about reducing our ecological impact and therefore we have implemented a plan for energy efficiency and we promote sustainable consumption and recycling among our employees.


is committed to the sport and that´s why we sponsor several sports teams, among which it´s found the first rugby team in wheelchair in Spain history.