About us


Tele-Taxi is a radio dedicated to the receipt of taxi services requested through any of the communication channels with our Central and it´s subsequent assignment to our members.
As a section of the Professional Federation of Madrid Taxi, professionals providing taxi services requested are partners in it. The staff serving all our customers is part of the payroll of the entity and gives service 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Tele-Taxi offers highly experienced operators in the sector, serving the requests received by phone through our Call Center. Furthermore, Tele-Taxi offers Custom Lines for the exclusive attention of large customers.


Tele-Taxi´s  a reference in Radio Stations because we are pioneers, incorporating new technologies into our service. We have enough technical capacity to perform an integral delivery service throughout the area of Madrid, always ensuring the proximity of our vehicles to their demand. Our customers are always assured that the answer to their request will be made quickly.

We have 1500 vehicles, including Adapted Vehicles for the Transport of Persons with Reduced Mobility (Eurotaxis), with an average age of four years. All are equipped with the necessary technology to communicate with our Central, such as fleet management, voice communications station and security wireless with 112.

All our vehicles are certified by Industry and Transport, and have the approval of the City of Madrid, possessing all permits.
The commitment of Tele-Taxi and the Professional Federation of Madrid Taxi with the care of the environment is present in all our actions, encouraging the inclusion of ecological vehicles among our partners. That is why the number of alternative fuel vehicles (hybrid, CNG, LPG) is increasing day by day in our fleet, now exceeding 40% of the vehicles in this category.


The customer requests the service through the different channels of communication with our Central (phone, web...). Once done, the service will be assigned to the closest vehicle.
Tele-Taxi staff shall monitor the service untill it ends, being connected with the driver´s "radio" as well as with the user in order to solve any event that may appear with the greatest care.

With the spirit that always guides us to implement the new services and improvements, Tele-Taxi is today in full development and implementation of an Integrated Communication, a pioneer in the field of radio stations, with the aim of opening up new channels of communication between our users and the Central, getting a further boost of the autotaxi demand and speeding up the effective allocation of the user and the collecting protocol, with the installation of autonomous terminals for service request.